Shaheen is an excellent instructor who was recommended to me from a close friend who passed first time. Extremely grateful to be able to pass first time using the skills he taught me especially parallel and Bay parking. Very high praise from me. Thanks Again!!!

23 May 2022

Massod was an amazing instructor, the way in which he was so calm and collected really gave me confidence in my driving. His knowledge of the road was exceptional which led him to guide me every step of the way in my driving. I would 100% recommend Massod as a driving instructor.

Nathaniel Berhane Ghebru
23 May 2022

JEDS have been amazing. My instructor Anna was the best. From not wanting to drive to a month being so eager to drive that I’d do her head in, but it was all worth it as I Ended up passing for first time and I couldn’t be happier. Would not have been possible without Anna - I highly recommend her in particular and I’m gonna miss my lessons with her. But thank you x

Zahrah Gohar
21 May 2022

Iam so please I couldn't have a better instructor than Mizan ,my first time pass it's because of his patience, calm and kindness. It was very difficult for me ,but he always supported me ,encouraging me to always try harder. So today I owe him a lot. I have been learning for so many years, he find a way to make me feel confident and comfortable. Jeds you have a star here

17 May 2022

Iam so happy today I passed 1th time.
I owe my success to my instructor Mizan ,he supported me with all his heart and patience. He is a wonderful genuine person.
I have learnt a lot with him. May God bless him abundantly with joy happiness success.
Thank you ever so much Mizan.

Dasilva Florencia
17 May 2022

Jed’s is literally the best driving school, everyone I know who chose Jed’s had zero complaints and neither do I. I drove manual with Anna and honestly I couldn’t of asked for a better driver, she patient, understanding, reassuring and supportive. Honestly Anna has been phenomenal from the moment I started with her, every time I felt discouraged she was there to motivate me and thanks to her I am now a safe driver so thank you so much Anna and Jed’s anyone that is reading this ask for Anna!

Nourish Doukoure
17 May 2022

Great driving experience, had two instructors and they were both helpful and led me every step of the way. Thanks to my instructors Joe and Mario for all your support.

16 May 2022

I am very happy I went to Jeds driving school. My teacher Massod is the best teacher I’ve had. I have struggled to learn how to drive with other teachers but Massod was very quick to identify the problems I was having and got them all corrected very quickly. He is very calm and kind and has lots of patience. He makes things very clear and create a relaxed environment to learn in which to learn and he really helps to boost your confidence. I could not recommend him enough. Thank you so much Massod and Jeds driving school!

14 May 2022

I am really really glad that I choose Jeds for learning driving, I have been with others in the past but the way my instructor Masood teach me was par excellent, always very calm and doesn't get tired of repeating to slow learner like me , passed my test today 11/05/22 @ mitcham test center...
I would highly recommend masood(Jeds) for anyone wanting to learn even beginners level as the professionalism of instrutor Masood can't be found easily, very good knowledge of local area and learning is very easy with him , my friend also passed just couple of months back with him...
So hey 5 stars ....

Sayeeduddin Mohammed
11 May 2022

I would like to give a huge huge thank you to my instructor i absolutely adore, Anna.

My driving journey with her were so good as we created a strong bond. She was literally my second mum, she has taught me and guided me in all aspects, done her job very well to teach me the best way possible to pass. She tried so hard for me to get this pass and had my back the whole way through. Helped me to get back on track, making sure I’m focusing throughout my lessons no matter what. Every lesson was so knowledgeable and enjoyed every part of it. I could not have asked for a better instructor honestly, wish we could carry on with the lessons. Thank you for having faith in me, I seriously wish you all the best and hope all your students enjoy lessons with you the way I did.

Hoping to see you on the roads. I highly recommend Anna as everyone needs a instructor like her. Thank you again and I will miss you Anna.

Zera K
11 May 2022


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