Started my driving lessons with Rob when I was 3 months pregnant, now 37 weeks pregnant & I passed! Couldn’t of done it without him, he’s a brilliant instructor. Definitely recommend!

21 August 2019

Finally passed! Thank you so much to Shahin who helped me along the whole way and encouraged me to keep going. A great instructor!

19 August 2019

Lynn was a great instructor, made me feel relaxed and calm whilst driving, she made sure I was comfortable in areas which I felt i needed improving on. I would definitely recommend lynn and Jeds driving school!

Aaron watts
16 August 2019

Couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and thorough instructor. Today all of his hard work ‘and trust me I was hard work’ paid off. I PASSED. Thank you soo much Shahin!!!

Neha Chudasama
15 August 2019

I passed my test with Yiannis. He was patient, friendly, always reassured me and gave me constructive advice throughout. He was flexible with the schedule and even taught me a bit of Greek during my lessons :D Thanks for everything Yiannis!

9 August 2019

Anna was an absolutely fantastic teacher. She was calm, methodical and always made me feel relaxed. I can't recommend her enough!

Lorraine taught me while Anna was on holiday and was also a terrific instructor. Thanks to both of them I've passed my test!

Lara MacLennan
8 August 2019

I passed with my driving instructor, Bianca. She is the best instructor I could have possibly had, making me feel completely comfortable whilst driving and having the patience to put up with me as I learnt to drive from start to finish. She broke down the fundamentals of everything driving manoeuvre into easy to follow, simple steps. Couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor

7 August 2019

I passed my driving test with Shabana, She was really kind, professional and we always had a laugh during our lessons, which made me feel comfortable and relaxed whilst behind the wheel. Shabana would always encourage me to do my best because of the faith she had in me; even when i made various mistakes during lessons, she would always keep calm and tell me to brush it off and try again!
A massive thanks to Shabana for all she had done during her time teaching me all the ropes of driving

I would 100% recommend Shabana as an instructor, her ability to turn novice learners into experienced learners is outstanding

7 August 2019

I passed with driving instructor Yiannis. Really friendly, calm, and professional instructor who taught me how to drive in easy simple steps. Yiannis is incredibly flexible and will go the extra mile to fit around your schedule. He answered every question about driving and ensured I was prepared for unknown situations that I will be using on the road in the future. I could not have passed without Yiannis. Thank you very much!!

Kyle Knight
2 August 2019

My 14yr old son and his friend completed the summer school yesterday and loved every minute of the experience. They both learnt a lot and I was very impressed that my son came home saying he now had more respect for drivers and learning to drive; he obviously thought it was a lot easier than it actually is. I believe this sort of educational experience should be compulsory for young people, especially driving with the 'drunk' goggles on. Thank you for this opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone for their child.

Ginny Skeete
30 July 2019


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