Testimonials 2015 Onwards

I didn't think i was ever going to drive i was always nervous after having two bad instructors until i met DAVE!!!! He was so funny, nice and patient with me. I have finally passed my test because of Dave. He was not only my instructor he became my friend and i would like to say a big thank you to Dave.

New Addington
15 June 2017

Just want to say a massive thank you to Jeds and Dave Kingett for teaching me to drive and giving me the confidence to take my driving test and pass first time!
Thank you Dave for being a great driving instructor, I couldn't have done this wothout you!

15 June 2017

I passed today first time with the amazing Angela, she's fantastic. Angela makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed which is good because driving can make you very nervous. Thank you so much ❤️

15 June 2017

Liz came to me after a last minute call a day before my test. She agreed to take me for my test and in just one hour managed to help me brush up and be test ready. Total pro!

Najib shide
15 June 2017

I can't express how much of a wonderful instructor Elaine is, I honestly could not have wished for someone better. She is very kind and encouraging which is exactly what you need when learning to drive. The only thing I regret now I have passed is that I wont need to take any more lessons with her!

Overall JEDs is a brilliant company and 'miles' better than every other driving school I have had lessons with in the past.

Thank you so much Elaine! :)

14 June 2017

Many thanks to my amazing instructor Lyn, who helped me pass my driving test. The best instructor I could have had, she was very patient with me and led me to becoming a confident driver, highly recommend her!!!

Fayiza Hussain
13 June 2017

So happy I had lessons with Dave. He was my third instructor and the only one I felt relaxed and confident whilst learning with. He has such a funny, warm, patient and supportive personality - perfect for learning to drive with. I can honestly say I would not have been able to pass without him. Can't recommend him enough!

12 June 2017

Very pleased to have passed first time with JEDS. Dave was an amazing instructor who was supportive and helped me build my confidence behind the wheel.
Many thanks to Dave as he made every lesson enjoyable and educational. Again thank you Dave.

08 June 2017

Mizan was a terrific instructor and a brilliant teacher. His calm and collected approach really helped to calm any nerves. Passed 1st time with only 2 minors!

Samuel Kalu
08 June 2017

Mr.ahned is a wonderful coach! He taught my driving skills very carefully in every class. And review irregularly. He is very patient and never loses his temper because of my bad handling. Even when I feel nervous, he helps me calm down and operate the car better. When I failed the exam, he encouraged me very friendly, and helped me analyze the reasons for the failure, so that I have more confidence in the next examination.

pan zhou
07 June 2017