Testimonials 2015 Onwards

Thankyou to my lovely instructor Debbie. Your dopey student passed first time. Well done. Lol. Love you, xx

Mariam Suleman
15 December 2016

A massive thank you to Jeds and my instructor David in particular in helping me to pass my driving test at my first attempt. I would most definitely recommend him as he's a very humble and easy going bloke with a calming influence which gives you the confidence to believe in yourself.

After only 6 hours of driving lessons I can only credit him for his amazing guidance.

West Norwood
14 December 2016

Massive thank you to Dave for being a brilliant driving instructor. He made me feel confident and comfortable, was easy to talk to, good at explaining things and helped me pass first time.

I had been through two driving instructors, before coming to Jed's, who had knocked my confidence, but Dave was able to build it back up again and turn me into an able driver. Would definitely recommend Jed's, and Dave in particular.

12 December 2016

Joe was simply phenomenal, right from the beginning he was really enjoyable and understanding with how busy my work can get. he really makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel. First time and smashed the test, Joe i couldn't thank you enough especially our night time drive RH

Emmanuel Okeke
08 December 2016

Thanks to Dave I passed my test first time round this afternoon. He's an amazing instructor, very encouraging and laid back at the same time which really helped cos I was panicky when I first started lessons with him due to my previous instructors ruining my confidence. If anyone wants to learn in a chilled out environment then Dave is deffo the one to go to. Thankyou!

Mahrukh Mirza
08 December 2016

Dave provided me with a fantastic learners driving experience. Always full of encouragement and made it fun along the way! Dave always made the effort to fit me in for last minute lessons, very very accommodating and so appreciated - thank you so much.

07 December 2016

Massive thanks to Dave, Amazing teacher he really helped me,
especially with the tiny little things that could have made me fail.
felt a great connection with him
Thanks again DAVE!!

07 December 2016

The first time I met my driving instructor he made me feel the most comfortable person ever, no matter what happened he always had a smile on hes face. A big thank you to Dave for being the most helpful driving instructor ever, I've never had such a good connection with someone before I met Dave. If it wasn't for him I'd be using public transport for the rest of my life, thanks for pushing me to succeed!

Chelsea Smith
07 December 2016

Huge thanks to Dave 'The Parking Guru' !! a massive help throughout the whole process, Would thoroughly recommend! such a genuine guy who genuinely makes you feel confident while driving.

Thanks again!

Harry Brett
30 November 2016

A maaaaasive thank you to Lorraine! Helped me to pass 1st attempt. She is such a lovely woman, chilled and funny too. Praises and encourages on a regular and just an overal positive soul. Thank you so much for being so encouraging and you are a great instructor, clearly because 2 driving faults is amazing! Truly grateful. I will definitely be recommending you in the near future. Naomi x

30 November 2016