Big thank you to dave for being such an amazing instructor! He never failed to put a smile on my face throughout my time of learning to drive and with this he built my confidence by always making me feel at ease. He has a great amount of patience and somehow manages to turn everything into a joke, although not always funny! It never felt like dave was my instructor, he was more like a friend sitting next to me from the first day of meeting him as I always felt calm, comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend dave for anyone learning to drive!

West wickham
29 June 2017

A big thank to Yiannis for his advices and lessons that he gave me. I didn't feel a border between the instructor and student, even my English wasn't an impediment to understand all I need to do, every lesson was like a trip between friends. Calm and nice explanation every time, just take a lot of lessons till you will feel confident to avoid errors at your final test. If do you want to pass for the first time just practise more.


27 June 2017

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to JEDS and in particular Chris for all of his help and support whilst teaching me to drive! He just made it feel so natural to be at the wheel and I thoroughly looked forward to our lessons each week. He is always up for a laugh and made the experience so fun and yet still extremely informative. I can't thank him enough for everything, it was truly loads of fun and I would recommend him to everyone. We always had chats about life and he was always up for a laugh making the experience all that more enjoyable! I'm going to miss my lessons! Thanks Chris, all the best!

22 June 2017

After having a really horrid time learning how to drive with another company, Lyn was the best driving instructor I could have wished for. She helped me to eradicate all my bad habits and made sure every time I did something wrong she would take the time to explain each scenario and what I did wrong and how to improve the next time. It's not just this that make Lyn great, its how friendly she is and how much she cares for her pupils. Thanks to Lyn I managed to pass first time and without her I couldn't have done it. Thanks Lyn

22 June 2017

Mizan is completely unreliable, he text me on days I didn't even have a lesson to say he was on his way, and on days I did have a lesson appear at my house at a completely different time to the one we had agreed.
One day he failed to turn up at all, the next lesson he told me to book my test and then completely cancelled my lessons all together.


22 June 2017

Massive thank you to Shahin, I have had bad experiences with past driving instructors and he made the whole experience positive and relaxing. He helped me keep my cool and realised I could drive! He was so friendly and kept my anxieties at bay.

I would recommend Shahin and JEDs to anyone looking to learn to drive.


20 June 2017

A massive thank you to Shahin who has been a fantastic and very patient instructor with a great sense of humour! He taught me all I needed to know to pass my test quickly. Shahin has been very accommodating and flexible, especially for allowing me to take my little boy with us during lesson, which saved me lots of time and money!!
I would definitely recommend Shahin to anyone who needs their driving test. You will be in safe hands!
Big up Shahin, thanks again

Luisa Freeman
20 June 2017

Where do I start with Debbie- what a legend!! Love her to bits- she was my instructor for only half a year and I passed first time with only 3 minors! Her technique, belief in you and the way she makes you feel so comfortable behind the wheel- I would highly recommend her to ALL first time drivers!!!! I'm truly going to miss our lessons, the banter... and our snacks!! Big up yourself Deb! Stay in touch xxxx

20 June 2017

A massive thank you to my instructor, Yiannis, and JEDS; I went from never having driven at all to passing my test first time with only 2 minors, all in less than a month!

Yiannis is not only a brilliant instructor who teaches methodically with a good balance between practical experience and instructional technique, but he's also an incredibly personable and friendly guy who made the lessons good fun as well as putting you at ease when you're behind the wheel. Would highly recommend!

19 June 2017

I would like to give a big thanks to my bro Yiannis! He's such an amazing instructor and from day one I knew I was in great hands. Because of him I was able to pass first time. I would happily recommend Yiannis to all my family and friends. You are amazing bro ??

Zeeshan Janjua
16 June 2017