Testimonials 2015 Onwards

I had Anna as my instructor and she was absolutely amazing. I looked forward to every lesson I had with her she made me feel comfortable and at ease giving me all the tips and advice I needed to pass my driving test. Anna taught me how to be a very defensive yet safe driver making sure I was alert and knew what I was doing. Anna was also very patient and cool tempered everyime I made a mistake she taught me how to use the mistake as a form of positive learning. Overall I had a great experience with jeds and would like to thank Anna for all her support I truly appreciate it .

Amina Younas
24 September 2017

My instructor Lynn was the best I've ever had even though it was tough and I didn't pass the first second or third time Lynn continued to motivate me that I can pass my test, her way of teaching is amazing as it's not all about the pressure she ensures you are relaxed with a positive mind set to allow a safe drive each lesson. I'm so happy with my experience with Lynn and would recommend JEDs to everyone I know, Thank you so much Lynn for not giving up on me could not have done it without you.

23 September 2017

Big thanks to Dave for helping me pass my test and enjoy driving again, after taking a break for a long time due to a bad experience with a previous instructor. A brilliant instructor and a laugh every lesson. Am now looking to getting out on the road.
Thanks again Dave for being patient and a great laugh

20 September 2017

Can't say a huge enough thanks to Angela! Before her, I was petrified to get in a car but she just put me right at ease. She's really friendly and our conversations are always really enjoyable. Would definitely recommend if you don't have much confidence! :)

Zhelini Sivanesan
20 September 2017

Paul was an amazing teacher, he would always without fail be there on time or even before, he is incredibly patient, understanding and an alright really nice guy. we already have him booked for when my little sister turns 17 so she can start straight away with him. I would highly recommend Paul for anyone who is looking for an instructor to learn with as you couldn't find a better one.

South Croydon
16 September 2017

Huge thank you to JEDS for sending me the best driving instructor in the world Dave. His patience and confidence in me helped me pass my driving test after many attempts with another instructor. Not only did I learn a lot during his lessons but had so much fun! I can't thank Dave enough and will miss our lessons a lot! Thanks so much.

Vicky Douglas
14 September 2017

Elaine was a fantastic teacher!! I haven't driven since December, and it only took 10 hours with her to pass (with 2 minors). She was always understanding, always on time, attentive and taught me in a way that I understood perfectly. She was calm, kind and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

South Croydon/ West Wickam
13 September 2017

Today 7/9/2017 i passed my practical test 1st time.I wanna give a big thank you to JEDS driving school for sending me a such an amazing instructor MAZ who is patience , helpful and understanding.i would definitely recommend JEDS DRIVING SCHOOL and MAZ

Larissa mcd
West norwood
07 September 2017

Just wanted to say the biggest thank you to Dave Kingett, who's unshakeable patience and constant encouragement is the real reason I was able to pass first time last week. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful or a kinder instructor, so thank you so much Dave- lessons with you are always a laugh and I'll miss both them and you a lot!
Cora x

Cora Sexton
06 September 2017

I don't think I can thank my instructor, Elaine, enough for her teaching. Not only was she patient, understanding and kind with me always, but I looked forward to every single lesson.
I was stuck in a rut with previous instructors and was convinced I would never get my license.
But, with her gentle guidance and lessons that were structured to suit me, I passed the first time.
Choosing Jeds was the best decision I made for myself this year, absolutely no regrets!

Taz Malik
04 September 2017