Thanks to Lynn I passed first time. I really enjoyed all my lessons and Lynn made me feel confident in my driving even when I wasn't, I can't thank her enough.

Amelia Hennessy
09 January 2017

A massive thank you to my instructor Anna, who has been such a great help! She's always made me feel confident and has been so supportive! Although I didn't pass on my first attempt, she didn't let me give up and pushed me forward and here I am - a fully licensed driver! Lots of Love!! xx

09 January 2017

First & foremost I'd like to thank yannis on helping me pass first time made me feel very comfortable made me believe I could pass first time, I'd also like to thank Jeds for giving me a reliable instructor to help me get here with just 5 per book lesson Thanks again appreciate it so much &
Happy New Year.

Duane Johnson
08 January 2017

I've Passed !! Thanks to the legend of a man Dave. Helping me all the way, I can't thank him enough. He has been a real laugh and now a friend for life. I advise anyone who wants to learn to learn with Dave, I can ensure your laugh and most probably get mocked �. Above all he is is an amazing man and instructor that will pass you for definite!

Matthew O'Donoghue
08 January 2017

Yiannis taught me very well and helped me to pass. Big thanks to him, i would recommend him to anyone who wants good help.

Thornton Heath
07 January 2017

Thanks Yiannis for an amazing driving experience.
Every lesson was important and went through absolutely everything. A quality instructor and now a friend. Very professional and a manoeuvres expert. By the time you take your test you will be a pro at all the parking skills. Not just a great instructor but a great friendly person as well. Only ended with 3 minors simply because of how good you become by the end of his lessons.

Dennis Luo
05 January 2017

Thank you Maria for all your effort and patience,I couldn't have done this without you.
Coming from a small town in Essex and relocating to London I was nervous about driving in this area,you made me feel so comfortable.
I'm so happy Ive passed!
Thank you again Maria,I would recommend you to anyone.

Thornton Heath
29 December 2016

I took driving lessons for few years on and off. I never went too far with it because instructors turned me off. My Friend recommended Jeds and I got Shahin as my Instructor. His methods took the fear away and I went on to pass after two attempts. I now drive freely with confidence thank you Shahin

medoina mullings
16 December 2016

I want to say a big thank you to Elaine for her help and guidance in preparation for my test she was beyond amazing, she made me feel comfortable and confident with my driving. She was absolutely on point in every lesson thank you again Elaine and thank you JEDS

Dionne-kay Stewart
15 December 2016

Thankyou to my amazing driving instructor Debbie. Your dopey student passed first time! Well done lol.
From your favourite student ? xx?

Mariam Suleman
15 December 2016