Testimonials 2015 Onwards

An immense thank you to my driving instructor Canan for all her help and for helping me pass my driving test. Canan is a very supportive, friendly, patient and comfortable instructor to drive with. If you want to have fun learning to drive then definitely learn with Canan :D Once again thank you Canan. Love you xx

06 January 2016

A big Thank you to Angela! She made me feel at ease and helped build my confidence when on the road. She was a big support every step of the way and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. Angela you are an amazing instructor!!

27 December 2015

A big thank you to Shahin for the confidence boost and believing in me I passed first time yesturday. I would strongly recommend JEDs driving school a stress free experience. Kind regards Alvina

15 December 2015

Thank you so much Debbie! Every lesson I felt my confidence grow with you - so paitent and if I didn't get it right first time you encouraged me to do my best and get it right. I loved having you as my instructor. I recommend you 100% because of you I passed first time!

11 December 2015

A massive thanks to the BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR EVERRR; Miss DEBBIE!!!! Before I had Debbie as my instructor I had no confidence in my driving. Debbie helped to build up my confidence and provided me with a friendly, welcoming and patient environment. She kept me motivated and always pushed me to be my best. She believed that I could pass and that really had a postive impact as I passed first time with her :) ... I would recommend Debbie over and over again to anyone ! She has such a warm and vibrant spirit and will always have your best interest! She's a beautiful inside and out! I am absolutely happy that I had her as my instructor. We had a great laugh, however it was also always professional. Love ya Debs!!! Thank you again xx

Upper Norwood
11 December 2015

I would just like to say a massive thank you to my driving instructor Dave for helping me pass my driving test and even better First time ! From the moment I started driving with Dave he has been so supportive , fun and encouraging. He really believes in you and gives you the confidence you need within yourself in order to feel comfortable driving on the roads. Dave has left me with not just the confidence to drive well but also the knowledge ( pound coin , pound coin) I always think of that now when putting my foot on the clutch haha, I highly recommend Dave to anybody who wants to take driving lessons , I couldn't have asked for a better instructor ! Thank you again x

Chloe Evans
West Wickham
10 December 2015

Huge thank you to Shahin for helping me pass my test. Has to be the most patient and effective instructor I've ever had. His calmness makes you comfortable driving and also his techniques for certain manoeuvres are faultless. I would highly recommend anyone to have Shahin as their instructor. Great guy. Thanks again bro for all you have done.

10 December 2015

If someone asked me to sum up my instructor with one word. I couldn't. DEBBIE! is the BEST! instructor I could have ever asked for! She's genuine, kind, polite, bubbly, fun, funny, patient, professional and overall an amazing person and instructor. I'm so happy that she taught me. Every time someone asks about driving lessons, without even hesitating I recommend and provide a speech on why they should contact Debbie!

I can't thank Debbie enough! I was able to pass my test FIRST time! She's truly one in a million. Again a MASSIVE THANK YOU!!!!

Chloe Morris
Tulse Hill
06 December 2015

My name is ameera. I had maria as my instructor. She is a great instructor. From day one she made me comfortable. Through out the lesson she is very clear about giving instructions and point out the mistake I made. She was very supportive and encouraging even when I didn't pass my test.now we are more of friends now. A huge thanks to maria. I would recommend her to everybody. Thanks jeds for having a such great instructor

South Norwood
05 December 2015

I had maria as my instructor. She is really lovely. She always made me feel comfortable. She is a great instructor. She supported and encouraged me even when I didn't get through the test. She is more of a friend now than a instructor. I Would recommend her everybody.
Thank you

05 December 2015