Passed with dave. Amazing instructor, makes you feel comfortable when in the car and is a really nice guy. I didn't even know how to turn the car on when I first got in the car with him but he stuck with me and always kept my confidence high. Massive thankyou to Dave, only bad thing about passing is that I don't get to have any more lessons with him lol.

26 October 2015

A MASSIVE thank you to Shahin!!! He was so supportive, patient, encouraging and always worked on my mistakes.

Honestly I had the best experience in my lessons with Shahin. I always left each lesson learning something. He is by far the best instructor I have had and I had a few in the past.
A really good teacher....I will highly recommend Shahin!!!
Thanks again.

22 October 2015

I do not know how to thank "DEBBIE" a nice Driving Instructor, her physical or appearance I just toute, fully reflects her heart. A heart of a good instructor, she has the pedagogical and psychological sense to support someone, dice level 0 of driving, up to getting his DRIVING LICENSE. It’s my case, after failing twice with an AA’s instructor AA, each time shouting, etc. then on 20Th of October 2015, after intensive training, given to me by DEBBIE of "JEDS", in a series of well dispatched and structured lessons (19Th and 20Th, 10, 2015) allowed me to retake my Practice Driving test and I passed with success my test, so I GOT IT, I am very happy. I reiterate my thanks to DEBBIE for her capabilities as a dedicated instructor ... I’ll not cease to recommend my community’s people to you ... God bless you DEBBIE, xx

José Kamembele
Thornton Heath@Mitcham centre
22 October 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to PAUL for helping me pass my driving test FIRST ATTEMPT!!! In less than 5 weeks. Id never driven before and was really nervous at the beginning but PUAL helped build up my confidence behind the wheel, he took his time to explain to me what we would be doing in each lesson making me feel comfortable and in control at every stage. Pointed out each mistake I did and made sure it was corrected before moving on to the next stage. I definitely couldn't have got to the finish line without you PAUL . Thank you so much !! I highly recommend him to everyone wanting to pass at their first attempt
A few more things you need to know about him

David mansveld
21 October 2015

I cannot thank Chris Horscroft enough for the experience and confidence building that helped me to pass my test. Previous lessons with other schools made me want to give up learning but Chris changed that with a relaxed approach, taking his time to ensure i fully learnt what i needed to. Thanks you so much xx

Christine Worrell
21 October 2015

Can't thank Angela enough for all the support and hard work she put into my driving. I don't think I would have passed driving if it wasn't for her. She helped me become a confident driver and I've already recommended her to a few of my friends. She is the best driving instructor. Just want to say thank you again. I would have failed if it wasn't for you. Not only did I learn how to drive but I also had a fun time with her, she's extremely fun to be with x

17 October 2015

Firstly I would like to say thanks to Gosia who helped me immensely in passing my test first time. She helped me polish up my driving greatly and was calm and supportive when explaining to me mistakes I had made during the lesson. Overall I would recommend her as an instructor to anyone looking to start taking lessons as she is calm, supportive and very easy to talk to which makes the lessons that more enjoyable.

Simeon Hamilton
Thornton Heath
16 October 2015

Massive thanks to Shahin, one of the most patient people I've met. Laid back and made you feel very relaxed while learning to drive which can be stressful. Always a good standard of teaching and detailed lessons. Would definitely recommend, thanks a lot Shahin!

Anthony Harris
15 October 2015

a massive thankyou to chris for helping me pass my driving test was patient with me and showed me a lot when it comes to driving a great person to get along with too would definitely recommend to anyone as he is a great instructor. thank you again

south norwood
12 October 2015

Before I begin please take note :

I would like to say thank you to Debbie who is quit possibly the BEST Instructor in the Universe. She is extremely professional, focused and driven! and these qualities rubbed of on me. She is a nonsense instructor who, is patient and meets you at the point of your need, and is a brilliant teacher!!!

Due to Debbie I passed my driving test the first time around with no problem within 3months of meeting her.

Thank you Debz for your patience , direction and awesomeness!!! :-)
AND Thank YOU JEDs for providing the world with such talent keep up the good work!!!

Miss M
10 October 2015