A huge thank you to DEBBIE for helping me pass my test! With all honesty the best driving instructor I could have asked for. We got on so well! One of the things I liked about her the most was that she genuinely cares about you as her pupil and wants the very best for you, she'll make you feel so confident and will work with you through your mistakes. She was always very organised and understanding and made my lessons very enjoyable. A very funny, bubbly, beautiful driving instructor and now a friend too, I will truly miss having lessons with her as no matter the weather she always used to brighten up my day.

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Debbie, I'll deffo see you around xxx

Nadia Lotmani
Thornton Heath
09 October 2015

A big thank you to ANGELA for having time and patience with me.Great instructor,lovely woman got me there in the end after all the nerves.was a great experience thanks !

07 October 2015

Thankyou so much to dave for all his support and effort on helping me past my driving test first time!!!!!

05 October 2015

Thanks to Paul I passed my test,great driving instructor who taught me well
Many thanks to paul

04 October 2015

Massive thank you to the best driving instructor Debbie for believing in me and building up my confidence behind the wheel.

If you want someone who is professional with great experience and knowledge then she is the one to go to.I highly recommend her to all! :-)

She got me to pass and I can't thank her enough!

30 September 2015

I would like to say a massive thank you to naseem for helping me pass my test and was extremely helpful, made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel of a car. I would recommend anyone to go and learn how to drive with jeds driving school and especially to use naseem as she is a great instructor. once again thank you

south norwood
29 September 2015

A Big thanks to Dave for helping me pass my driving test as my previous driving instructor cancelled on me at short notice, but dave gave me a few lessons in the week before my test, I don't think I would have passed without this guys help cheers Dave

20 September 2015

I passed my test first time thanks to Dave! Until 6 weeks ago I had the worst experience with driving as my previous instructor. I was introduced to Dave through a family member and was so glad. Dave made me feel comfortable, relaxed and built up all of the confidence I had lost with my previous instructor. There was never a lesson that went by where I didn't have a smile on my face! I am one of the very few people who was lucky enough to say that I actually looked forward to my driving lesson and had fun! Thanks to Dave for taking me on as a pupil when he already had so many and giving me as much time as possible, but most of all thank you for helping me pass my test!

Forest Hill
19 September 2015

Testimonials are definitely not something I normally indulge in, but this is a must! I would like to say thank you very much to Canan for her patience with me. I wouldn't have passed without you and thank you for all advice and help you give me through the time we drove together!
I am a very stubborn person and didn't believe I could do it, but you gave me the confidence to make decisions I would never have before. I will definitely recommend Canan to others, she is such an amazing instructor! The insults, jokes, cucumber and amazing sense of humour definitely got us through all those lessons and Lombard round about! I definitely have more of a journey to go, Canan has taught me that I will never stop learning and experience will better me. I'm am genuinely grateful that I had such an amazing instructor, thank you so much for everything!

19 September 2015

I can not thank my driving instructor CHRIS enough!!!! He has been so patient with me and changed me from a manic driver to a road worthy driver :) he always encouraged me and he believed in me . he made me feel at ease and very comfortable when driving. I PASSED FIRST TIME :) His worth ethic is amazing he is always on time and takes his job seriously. He is a star. I recommend Chris to everyone he is amazing !! thank you so much. He is hilarious and i will miss lessons with him and him blaming his mother every time he would hiccup lol . JEDS thank you!

16 September 2015