Testimonials 2015 Onwards

I passed my test 1st time at Mitcham a couple of days ago! Thanks to my instructor Shahin. He helped me feel confident from my very first lessons, as he's so friendly, patient and encouraging. I felt really supported, especially on my test day. Thanks Jed's Driving School

05 February 2015

I would like to say a big thank you to my instructor Debbie she as always encouraged me to learn how to drive in a safe way, my lessons as always been fun, she teach you in a easy way that you can understand. I will miss her excellent personality and her hot car, she is determining to let her pupils pass. she always push you to drive to the best of your ability.

Thanks you Debbie I will miss you

Kalisha Williams
Gipsy Hill
04 February 2015

I passed my driving test on my first attempt and this was possible because of my instructor GOSIA. She encouraged me and gave me the motivation i needed to carry on after I was nervous with lock of faith, she showed faith in me which made me believe in myself, so after 20 lessons i manage to pass my driving test first time.

Oscar Lawrence
03 February 2015

I passed my driving test after 2 failed attempts and this was possible because of my instructor Debbie. She encouraged me and gave me motivation to carry on after I had failed and she showed faith in me which made me believe in myself. After the 2 times I failed it was her who got in contact with me first to arrange another lesson and get another test booked, hence why I stayed with JEDS as I got the motivation that was required in order for me to pass my driving test.

Alishiya Patel
02 February 2015

Debbie is an instructor everyone desires. She is always on time for lessons, and communicates very well lesson times and dates. She is excellent in explaining the different aspects of driving, verbally and physically. Thus from our very 1st lesson I knew it wouldn't be too long till I pass my test. She is patient as often the case it will take many attempts to correctly do a manoeuvre, instead of her to sweep it under the carpet for another time/day she would exercise her wonderful patience and stick at a weakness of mine till perfected. She has an ability to bring out the best of my driving skills, and looking at how good my brother is who passed under her tutelage I can unequivocally say this skill she has is not limited to just me.

She truly is an amazing instructor and the best I have had, and witnessing how many people has beeped at her car during our lesson, I can say without hesitation she is one of the best in Croydon.

Solomon Fakoya
02 February 2015

I passed my driving test a week ago with the help of Lynn @ Jeds!

Lynn makes you feel really comfortable and encourages you every step of the way (even when you start to think that driving may not be your forte anymore).

Having passsed, I feel that the confidence that Lynn installed in me will be with me for the rest of my driving days.

Definitely recommend!

31 January 2015

I passed my driving test first attempt on Wednesday thanks to the fantastic help of my instructor, Paul. He made everything so clear and enjoyable and I will be strongly recommending him to friends who are looking to pass first time with ease. Thank you so much to Jeds Driving School and more importantly Paul!!!

Jake Connaris
30 January 2015

Thank you so much to my driving instructor Dave, who helped me gain the confidence I needed to pass my test, definitely a great instructor and I would recommend anyone taking lessons, to get in contact with him!

Luke Zackarie Davis
30 January 2015

Passed my driving test today thanks to the amazing angela! i really couldnt of done it without her thank you so much
im so happy :) love nats xxx

natalie parsons
29 January 2015

I passed my test with Dave from jeds, I got to say he is definitely a brilliant instructor who gave me the self confidence I needed! He makes you feel at ease and really approachable, which is just what you need when learning to drive, I would recommend him to anyone!

Luke Davis
29 January 2015