Just passed with my instructor Shahin. He was very good with me during my lessons very well structured. Very good with me and a very good instructor I highly recommend. He also made my nervs at ease. I didn’t feel ready but he kept pushing me towards my test and I passed he was very good at teaching me how to drive. Thank you so much Shahin.

Spencer dabin
31 March 2018

A huge thank you to Shahin, he has been nothing but supportive and encouraging. So happy to finally pass with him as he gave me a lot of confidence and I can’t forget his patience.

I recommend him to anyone as he is one of the best instructors.

30 March 2018

Dave is one of the best instructors out there known him a while now got me threw my test first time very funny guy keeps you smiling while focused at the same time very good work thank you again Dave highly recommended.

West wickham
29 March 2018

Dave is the bees knees thank you so much for helping me pass my test ??

28 March 2018

Chris is a great intructor that helped me pass first time. He made me feel very confident while driving and taught me how to be a great driver. A big thank you to Chris!

Aron Berhane
West Wickham
28 March 2018

Thank you Angela for all the lessons n all the time spent on my driving ? soon I’ll be better then you lol and I enjoyed each n every lesson up till my exam. Without you this wouldn’t be possible and I wish you the best for the future. By far the best driving instructor for Jed’s you guys should make her the boss ?

Thank you Angela

28 March 2018

Shahin has been a great driving instructor and helped me to improve on areas I found difficult. We practiced a lot in the croydon so I became more familiar with the area and it really helped to boost my confidence. Thank you!

Ujala Nazir
27 March 2018

ANGELO!!! Is the best instructor that i have EVER had and believe u me, i have had plenty. He is so PATIENCE and doesn't get frustrated or raise his voice at me when i made mistakes. He is the only instructor that has not caused me to panic, as he tells me what i did incorrectly after in a calm respectful manner. I appreciated that he wasn't patronising and helped me so much with my manoeuvres (especially parallel parking which i use to dread and got TODAY in my TEST which i executed like a pro). The most down to earth guy ever, big up yourself Angelo your a credit to Jeds!

West wickham
24 March 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Dave! Such a nice and very funny man, made feel very comfortable within the first couple of lessons! I would like to give a huge thanks to him because he was one of the reasons I passed! He was always so positive when I had bad days, and always encouraging me to do better and really boosted my confidence. So thank you Dave!!

Sarah Cross
23 March 2018

I did my lessons with Canan. She helped me feel more confident with my driving and gave me all the encouragement needed to pass.

Thank you!

Cengiz khan
23 March 2018