Would like to give a huge thank you to my driving instructor Dave. Could not have passed without him, he made lessons fun and gave me confidence. Would recommend him to anyone.

12 March 2018

A huge, huge thank you to Joshua for helping me finally pass my driving test ... I’ve had 2 previous instructors through other companies and they didn’t make me feel half as confident or even comfortable as Joshua did! He was super patient and helped come up with ways for me to remember the processes for all of the manoeuvres that I struggled with massively previously - I would highly recommend him ... thank you so much!

Thornton Heath
10 March 2018

I only met Maz 5 weeks ago and I passed my test first time yesterday with few minor faults. Being 7.5 months pregnant, I was up against it in terms of timing but with Maz’s calm and practical teaching, I managed to overcome my anxieties and become test ready in super quick time. Crucially he didn’t suggest hours and hours of lessons. He gave me an honest evaluation of how long it would take and stuck to it!! I’ve always been a bit terrified of driving but Maz had complete faith in me and now I know I can actually do it!! Thanks Maz.

Alexandra Price
Streatham Hill
10 March 2018

I just wanted to say that it was so much fun learning with Liz, she is calm and relaxed and made me feel at ease. She's very knowledgeable and encouraged me to do well, and most of all kept calm and didn't get annoyed with my silly mistakes or annoying questions. Thank you Liz for helping me pass first time.

09 March 2018

Anna was an amazing instructor. Not only did she teach me how to drive, she built up my confidence so much and we were always able to have a good chat and a laugh. She was always patient with me, even on my off days and she taught me how to learn from my mistakes instead of dwelling over them.

Thanks to Anna, I managed to pass 1st time with only 2 minors (something I never thought I'd be able to do) and without her, it would have never been possible. I was so lucky for having an instructor like her and I am grateful to JEDS for employing an instructor as amazing as her.

06 March 2018

A big thank you to Elaine of JEDS who was a great driving instructor as she was patient and gave very clear instructions, so i was ready for my test and passed first time.

Marco Barrick
01 March 2018

My driving instructor Ashley was very friendly and incredibly patient with me. He really put my mind at ease. He taught me a very simple way to ace maneovers and built up my confidence in a short space of time. I’ve had a few driving instructors in the past who knocked my confidence quite a bit but Ashley was able to help me put the past behind me adapt a new mentality and PASS!
Thanks Ashley!

Cherice Kirton
South Norwood
01 March 2018

A huge thanks to Chris at JEDS who helped me pass first time at the Croydon test centre.

Always calm and patient from start to finish, I would highly recommend Chris and JEDS Driving School!

27 February 2018

A huge thank you to my instructor Joshua, couldn’t have passed without him. Always made sure to put me at ease when driving no matter how nervous I was and really helped build my confidence. Joshua is a fantastic instructor and I would highly reccomend him, always consistent and on time. Thank you so much!

Nazihah Begum
27 February 2018

My instructor Dave was excellent , very friendly always encouraged me and was just overall a very pleasant experience for a daunting process. I thank them very much and more then recommend them to anyone.

Cj Mckenna
27 February 2018