Yeah me! I passed my test today with one minor. And the amazing instructor who made it possible is MIZAN. He is patient, gently ,understanding and a overall great teacher. Even when I feel like giving up he encourages me. Things I don't understand he explains to me over over again without complain and shows me repaetedly. He is a kind person and I would recommend him to everyone.
Thank you MIZAN!!!!!!

Ramona Carpenter
South norwood
13 October 2018

Thanks to my instructor David who helped me pass!

I've had tried learning with a few different schools and David was by far the best instructor I had.

11 October 2018

A huge thanks to Yiannis who helped me pass!!!! Enjoyed all the lessons and would highly recommend him and the JEDS driving schools.

Ashuwa Thaw
09 October 2018

Gosh. Clipnotes version. I started manual with Angelo and changed to automatic with Elaine. Driving is long overdue for me im 39 and was determined but nervous. These two are the most professional and dedicated duo ever. Everything learnt under manual meant that with minimal lessons under automatic i passed at round two. Im uber happy. Both Angelo and Elaine were both patient and knew what passing my driving test meant to me and selflessly worked to get me my desired result in the timeframe i needed. The epitome of professionalism, put straight at ease with firm knowledge that a dilligent teacher is at hand with their foot covering your brake! You wontgot wrong, JEDS is best! Im super grateful thank you both dee.

Beulah hill
05 October 2018

A huge thankyou to my instructor Angela who helped me pass today!
I was really nervous about driving in the beginning and Jeds recommended me to her. She is an absolutely fantastic instructor, She explains things amazingly well and is very patient. She's always friendly and happy, and we always had a laugh which made all the difference when i was feeling nervous. she gave great advice and made driving really enjoyable! I'd honestly recommend her to any new driver!

I am so greatful to her for helping me and just being really great no matter what. I could not of done it without her and will genuinely miss our lessons !!!

Thankyou so much Angela!! ❤❤

04 October 2018

An enormous thank you to Canan who helped me pass by driving test - she was amazing.

The coaching was great, patient calm and professional . She was so friendly and easy to get on with it's been a real pleasure, I'm genuinely sad that I did pass as I shall miss our weekly sessions!

I cannot recommend her enough! A huge thankyou from me.

Norwood Junction
03 October 2018

A massive thank you to my instructor Rob. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he is extremely patient, encouraging, and a fantastic instructor. Even when I made a mistake, Rob would patiently walk me through the situation and make me identify what could be done differnetly and would encourage me to continue trying. It was thanks to his excellent training I passed my test in the first go. I would highly recommend Rob.

Nellinda Sharma
West Wickham
02 October 2018

I passed my driving test today!! Would highly recommend my instructor Yiannis to all those who are having a hard time learning to drive. Hes friendly, very supportive and a great teacher! Big thanks to him and Jeds driving school.

Anum Sheikh
01 October 2018

I passed a while go but still felt I needed to do a review thanks to Maria I was able to pass first time. She was amazing I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. She pushed me always and gave me confidence whilst behind the wheel. I’ve been through loads of driving schools but JEDS was by far the best!

01 October 2018

Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Lynn, I never though I would of passed my test always doubted myself when it come to driving untill I met Lynn, I was so nervous at first dreaded driving but Lynn had so much patience with me exsplained everything so well over and over she encouraged me, believed in me more then I believed in myself, gave me praise when it was due and corrected me when I was wrong! She is professional but also fun to learn to drive with and she finally got me at ease and believing in myself she never doubted me for one second not only did she teach me to drive but she talked to me about believing in myself can’t thank her enough at times I wanted to give up but she always got me through it! I never thought I would say this but I’m actually going to miss my driving lessons with Lynn! And will be recommending her to anyone wanting to do lessons in the future.

29 September 2018