Wanted to say a massive thanks to Yiannis who was able to help me get through the driving, passed in August (sorry for the late review!). Main problem I had was with nerves and Yiannis helped me so much in being a calmer driver also had a laugh which helped calm my nerves, would highly reccomend him and glad I am now free to drive where I like :)

James Oliver
12 September 2016

I would like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Debbie.

She was so helpful and patient and made me feel comfortable and eventually confident in driving. She was always willing to go the extra mile to help.

She was never late to lessons and never cancelled. She was also flexible with my working hours which is always great!

Although there were a lot of times I doubted myself, Debbie never failed to reassure me and even on my test day gave me the confidence to pass.

I couldnt of passed without her!

10 September 2016

Lynn is a brilliant instructor. I had a few previous instructors which moved away, and so I moved on to Lyn and she was by far the best! Very easy person to work with, so kind and any advice she gave was for my good and safety. Lovely person to be with, easy to talk to. Passed first time - could never have done it without her. She gave me confidence and was so reassuring! Thanks so so much Lynn :)

Charlotte Glass
09 September 2016

I'd like to say thanks to Anna, my driving instructor, who is an amazing instructor and helped me to pass my practical in a month and a half. At first I was terrified of manual cars but last week I passed my test with just three minors!
Thanks also for JEDS for recommending her.

06 September 2016

I never thought I'd be able to pass my test, but thanks to Lynn I passed first time!
Lynn is a wonderful driving instructor, she is so patient, kind and understanding.
Lynn was excellent at helping me through the many worries I had, she reassured me, and really helped to make me feel comfortable and confident with my driving.
I would highly recommend Lynn & JEDS.
Thank you ever so much for all the support!

02 September 2016

Anna my instructor is fabulous. Knew my strengths and areas that I need to focus on. Anna made sure that every minute of our lessons were planned well in advance. She made sure that I had experiences of different terrains and time of the day to experience a variety of obstacles that I may actually face on the road. Thanks Anna and JEDS for helping me polish my driving skills and pass on my first attempt. Good luck !

02 September 2016

Massive thank you to my instructor Debbie! Over the last 5 months she's taught me a lot, although I passed on the 3rd time I only had myself to blame. I was eager to pass so I weren't concentrating on the technical things. I started doing my driving with someone else a few years ago but stopped due to confidence. Debbie definitely helped build my confidence on the roads and 100% a recommended instructor.

23 August 2016

Massive thank you to my driver instructor Debbie; your always supportive, patient and encouraging in every lesson in which has helped me pass my test today. I couldn't ask for a better driver instructor and I wouldn't change a single thing if I had to. Had such an amazing experience and am going to miss our lessons together.

23 August 2016

Would like to say a big thank you to Shahin for helping me pass my test 1st time, couldn't of done it with out him, very cool guy makes you feel very chilled and comfortable amazing at what he dose highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn at Jed's. Thanks again Shahin!

22 August 2016

I want to say a massive thank you to Maz. He's a wonderful, excellent and an amazing driving instructor. Very patient and jovial. By his help and encouragement, I passed my driving test.
Couldn't have done it without you.
Thanks and God bless!

22 August 2016