My sincere gratitude goes to Debbie for not giving up on me when I was on the verge of given up on the driving test. Her patience and encouraging words spurred me on to achieve the success in my driving test today. She was recommended to me by a colleague and i have every reason to continue recommending her and JEDS driving school. Thank you Debbie!!!!. I hope that you further inspire others to successfully pass their test.

Anthony Ayakwah
12 February 2016

i am a bit late writing this I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to my driving Instructor Gosia Gaska you believed in me so much when I was with walkers4u the instructor never believed in me I failed twice with her, I done 10 lessons with you and you never ever gave up on me, when I did something wrong you would tell me how to correct it and we would keep on it till I corrected it!!! You have changed my life forever and I owe you so much!! Thanks to your passed with only 1 minor!! I never thought I could do it everyone should defiantly have you as their instructor as you are so calm and never give up even when I think I can't do it you showed me I can!!! Thank you so so much your brilliant GOSIA!!

Steven Barclay
12 February 2016

I would just like to say a big thank you to Gosia for giving me "top class lessons" honestly I really do think she's one of a kind in terms of the quality of teaching she gives to her students. Previously I had had some bad experiences with other instructors and when meeting Gosia for our first lesson I straight away knew I was going to pass with her, this claim is also reflected on her pass rate.

Thank you Gosia, it's been a pleasure learning from you. :)

11 February 2016

I wanted to give a massive thanks to the JEDS team and to my awesome driving instructor Angelo, from the first lesson he really put me at ease, but still pushed my capabilities. Brilliant guy! And today I PASSED 1st time !!! With 0 minors! Thanks again Angelo for your excellent instruction!

Neil W
11 February 2016

I would like to say an enormous thank you to the most wonderful instructor Debbie.
Debbie is extremely encouraging and motivating , constantly pushing to do your best to pass the test and be a good driver.
I cannot imagine a better instructor !!!!!!!!! Thank you again, Debbie !!!

09 February 2016

Absolutely amazing instructor Dave, with Jeds driving school! Genuinely enjoyable lessons, making learning everything fun, with a laugh, but most importantly making you the best driver you can be! Thanks Dave!

Nathan Morgan
08 February 2016

I'd like to thank my Instrutor Lorraine for helping me pass my test! Great driving the mini! Lorraine is such a great Instrutor, she knew my strengths and weakness but gave the courage I needed to think Im a driver not a learner. Definitely recommending her to family and friends without a doubt and thank you JEDS for having Lorraine as an Instrutor working with you!!!!


07 February 2016

To sum it up Shaheen is a fantastic instructor. Always thriving to get the best out of people. I don't think I would've been able to pass my test but I did it. As a result, I would recommend Shaheen to anyone aiming to pass their driving test! And once again thanks Shaheen. Highly recommended. :)

South Croydon
03 February 2016

Amazing instructor and person Gosia , very kind, patience, who can teach you to drive in sort time and make you confidence to pass , first time! Allways explain you , while you drive, to understand all you need for your driving test!Before the driving test , she said the Pass rate is 9 out 10 and was true and confidence , Because I will pass first time, and Passed ! Thank you Goisa and Jeds school for having Gosia ! God bless you

02 February 2016

I learnt to drive with Paul. I found that I was learning a lot very quickly thanks to his great teaching. He helped teach me all the skills that I needed to pass the test first time and have a good understanding of the roads to help me when I am driving alone.
Thanks Paul

02 February 2016