Oh it has been a very long journey for me...
I have finally passed after what feels like forever but I definitely would not have done it without Dave. Such a great, motivational and enthusiastic teacher! Dave made me accept my struggles and made me face my test with positivity. I needed a push of encouragement and he sure did! Could not have asked for a better instructor! Once again thank you so much Dave!

West Wickham
20 June 2018

Shahin is a fantastic and thorough instructor and helped me to pass first time! Thank you very much to JEDs driving school - I would highly recommend to anyone!

Hope Levy-Shepherd
19 June 2018

I’m a man of few words, so ill keep my testimonial short and sweet. Dave the driving instructor, What a guy!. Over the last 6 months, the jovial,enthusiastic and above all utterly professional character that is Dave has expertly guided me through the rigours of learning how to drive. This in turn has allowed me to pass my test 1st time yesterday! As far as i am concerned, Dave has gone above and beyond of what was expected of an instructor and delivered a service that to my knowledge, is incomparable to any other school/instructor that i have ever dealt with. I have/will continue to recommend Dave and Jeds to others for years to come.

To Summarise;

Value for Money /10: 10 (and then some)
Quality of Service /10: 10
Enjoyment /10: 15 (loved every minute of it)


George Ledger-Humphreys
South Croydon
16 June 2018

Just passed my test!! All thanks to Dave for being the most amazing teacher - I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him, he boosted my confidence massively and he’s been so patient with me and all my silly mistakes and nerves. Could not have asked for a better instructor - THANK YOU!! :) :)

Becky Goble
12 June 2018

A massive shoutout to my instructor CANAN! The best instructor anyone could have asked for. Every lesson I’ve had with canan she always motivated me and helped to over come my fears. Her non stop help and support really boosted my confidence in driving which I’m forever grateful for, she’s given me the best advice and tips about driving which I will still go by (especially for parallel and bay parking lol). If you ever have canan as your instructor just know you’re going to be an ace driver and you’re going to enjoy every second of your lesson with her! Once again thank you so much canan you truly deserve an award as the ‘best instructor’

07 June 2018

I passed my test, second time in Croydon with Elaine. She was very supportive and helped me get to grips with driving very quickly, and told me everything I needed to know to pass my test! Big thanks to Ashley also who covered a few of my lessons when Elaine couldn’t make it. From my experience choose JEDS, I highly recommend them! Thank you!

07 June 2018

My instructor mizun was excellent and extremely focused on my driving skills to learn quickly to the standards
Everyday it was a great fantastic time to drive and improve, he was cool and explain me everything with patience thats the reason i passed my first time
After passing i found a great brother who insists in confidence thanks a lot bhaya
Definitely i would recommend mizun

07 June 2018

Shahin is the best instructor. I am so excited that I passed today I cannot writer more. Just I can say he is best instructor.

07 June 2018

Support was great when it came to learning everything that was important to know, to pass. On top of that, the chemistry between the instructor and I, was amazing. Would like to say a big thank you to Chris, who helped me pass FIRST time.

West Wickham
06 June 2018

I passed in West Wickham, passed first time with Dave. And would like to thank Dave as he made me feel more confident with myself in the car. And certainly is the best driving instructor would 100% recommend this driving school.

West Wickham
04 June 2018