Learn to drive - Automatic Lessons


Benefits of learning automatic

There are various benefits of taking automatic lessons. For many learners it helps them to gain more confidence, it takes away the fear factor of the stalling or rolling back on hills, there are fewer distractions and there are no clutches or gears to coordinate, leaving more time to concentrate on controlling the vehicle. This in turn will give the learner more time to read the road, leaving more time to develop judgement of speed and steering. They learn faster, giving them less to learn and remember, and it is less tiring in town or city driving situations. At JEDS Driving School we really try to fit in with your schedule. We are all busy people, so if it helps you, evening and weekend lessons are also available. It's not a problem!

Theory Test

Our expert Instructors will give you advice, tips, and the resources to pass your theory and hazard perception test. You can even get started now by watching this short film:

To book your Theory Test with the DVSA online, click here.

Practical Test

We are here to help you to pass your driving test, but our ultimate aim is to give you the skill of safe driving for life.

To book your Practical Test with the DVSA online, click here.


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